Private and Public Cooperation Department

The Department for Private and Public Cooperation (PPC) is responsible for the cooperation between Technical Trainers College (TTC) and the Saudi business sector, including companies and government organizations.

To provide a better service to our students ant our partners we have further divided the team in 2:

The Company Field Practice (CFP) team supports students in the CFP application phase, monitors them throughout the internships and assesses their performance. Our students, are required to conduct two summer internships in order to gain real work experience and develop their skills.

The Continuing Education (CE) team is responsible for identifying training needs within organizations of the private and public sectors to help them increase the skills of their employees. Since January 2013, TTC has offered the extensive experience of TTC's trainers, and our excellent workshop facilities to Saudi organizations in order to increase the skills and raise the employability of Saudi people.


 Mohamed Al-omran
 Head of Department



 Mohamed al-Omran Almotazbellah bin Salem

 Zaid Bin Nasser Al-Zaid