Finance & Procurement Department

TTC's Finance Department comprises the Head of Finance and three team members

The Finance Department provides a regular cash flow. It controls all payments including those to suppliers and further third parties and the respective accounting duties carried out to international standards. Additionally, financial planning and monitoring is provided in the context of the implementation of TTC itself and according to the needs of the financing agent.



 Yasser Tawfik, Executive Financial Officer

 Ali Habib Al Hussein, Executive Finance Officer

 Ibrahim Al Mounif, TVTC Cashier


TTC's Procurement Unit comprises two procurement experts.

As GIZ has special procurement needs, this department works on a day-by-day processing basis. The department is responsible for implementing TTC's procurement policy and strategy by developing a common process for management of the supplier base. It specifies the standards and quality of the products and its availability on the local market. It catalyzes the spread of best in-class-procurement practices. In addition, it evaluates the price quotations and formulates the decision on selected suppliers. Moreover, it works on preparing purchase orders and follow up processes, and assesses suppliers' quality performance. Periodically, it undertakes procurement reviews in performance, skills and coordination with all departments.

Responsible for Unit
 Hans-Joachim Lampey, Head of Finance Department


 Ali Noh, Procurement Assistant

 Kadir Raguia, Procurement Assistant

 Hussain Mohammed, Procurement Assistant

 Henry Kalamag, Service Assistant