Vocational Pedagogy Department

The Vocational Pedagogy Department currently comprises one Head of Department, 17 lecturers and one assistant, all with an expertise in Vocational Pedagogy. The lecturers come from a variety of backgrounds, including universities, universities of applied sciences as well as vocational teaching colleges. Our international team of lecturers has a long working experience in both the private industry sector and academic institutions.

The Head of Department ensures that the highest level of academic standards is met. He supports the lecturers in all aspects of their duties. Moreover, in order to ensure a state-of-the-art learning environment the Head supervises the infrastructure, staff resources, courses and budget issues. He participates in the department's recruitment and development processes.

The lecturers work directly with our students, their responsibilities include the planning and implementation of lectures, students' practice and projects with the focus on modern didactic approaches to training. They supervise their students' bachelor theses and carry out student examinations. In addition, they participate in working groups to continuously improve the quality of education and permanently develop curricula.

Dr. Gary Sharkey

Head Of Department


 Colin Bennett

 Victor Eid

 Dr. Thomas Fisch

 Dr. Chokri Guellali

 Klaus Kövener

 Ivan Kuzio

 Dr. Frank Neumann

 Dr. Volker Paul

 Josef Rehner

 Andreas Reinholtz

 Tim Schlegel

 Jan Svihlik

 Neil Turley

 Dr. Andreas Wernet

 Dr. Rainer Gehrke

 Mohammed Arifin

 Josef Ametsbichler


 Mohamed El-Maghawri