General, Technical and Pedagogical English Department

The English Department currently comprises the Head of Department (HoD) and 30 experts with an academic background in English language training. Our international team of lecturers has a long working experience in both the private industry sector and academic institutions.

The Head of Department ensures that the highest level of academic standards is met. He supports the lecturers in all aspects of their duties. Moreover, in order to ensure a state-of-the-art learning environment the Head supervises the infrastructure, staff resources, curriculum, assessment, courses and budget issues. He participates in the department's recruitment and development processes.

The ELTs deliver face to face lessons and take an active part in maintaining the quality of instruction. They also supervise their trainees' bachelor theses and carry out students' examination. In addition, they participate in eligible working groups to improve the quality of education.

 Neil Turley
 Head of Department


English Language Teachers:

 Alan Shumeley

 Alistair Hayward

 Andrew Goacher

 Andrew Loader

 Andy Pacino

 Daniel Glaus

 Daniel Meager

 Douglas Cullen

 Gareth Davies

 Garry Sharkey

 Gavin Jenkins

 George Katalinic

 George Soria

 Gregory Juntilla

 Johan Van De Merwe

 Joseph Mitchell

 Luke Flagg

 Luke Smyth

 Patrick Legge

 Peter Thompson

 Rasheed Al Siddiq

 Robert Howe

 Thomas Fortunato

 William Lockhart