Continuing Education

Who we are

Technical Trainers College (TTC), based in Riyadh, is a European accredited college which offers a three year Bachelor program, aimed at educating young Saudi men to become vocational trainers. 1,200 trainees from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia experience a unique approach to education and learning. Our BA program includes a combination of technical, pedagogical and English language courses.

In January 2013, TTC started a new project: ‘Continuing Education’. Now, we are in a position to offer your organization high quality and demand driven training. Our courses are based on European standards and are certified by the Central Accreditation and Evaluation Agency (ZEvA) based in Hanover, Germany.



What we offer

Every organization is unique and has different needs for its development. Our approach is to have a close dialogue with you, in order to design the right competence development for your organization. Our tailor-made courses can be from one, or a mix of, the following training fields:

  • Pedagogy, Learning & Teaching
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Electronics and Electrical Technology
  • Management Skills
  • English

Trainees are awarded certificates and credit points which can eventually lead to a higher qualification. All our resources, in terms of highly qualified lecturers, state of the art equipment and years of experience, are available to meet your specific training needs.



How to contact us

If you need more information about our training courses or require our consulting services in identifying possible training needs within your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us via Email:

Or contact direct Mohamed Al Omran, Head of Department PPC.