Vocational Pedagogy

All over the world education plays an increasingly important role for economic success. In the context of a quickly growing population, it is of utmost importance for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date technical education for its citizens. Vocational Pedagogy plays a crucial role in this context, and this is why the Technical Trainers College is educating young Saudis to become successful technical trainers.

The purpose of Vocational Pedagogy
In addition to technical education, students at Technical Trainers College will enroll in Vocational Pedagogy units during their Bachelor's program. These units are organized and designed by the Department of Vocational Pedagogy. The department's staff consists of experts who have gained considerable experience in western universities and educational institutions. They are among the leading experts in the field of Vocational Pedagogy.

Exposing students to training situations as early as possible is an essential part of our philosophy. The units of Vocational Pedagogy underline the commitment of the Technical Trainers College to offer an education complying with international standards. Every semester, the students will study new Vocational Pedagogy units. They will deal with questions of pedagogy and didactics, to various training methods in vocational training, to lesson and training preparation, as well as a number of different training techniques. During field visits to vocational training institutions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, students gain first-hand practical experiences.

Building on a solid foundation of pedagogical knowledge, the program is designed to combine theoretical and practical aspects of a trainer's education, thus helping students to form their own identity as future professional educators.

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