Training program and specializations

Training program and specializations
TTC - The perfect combination of practical training and theory

The Technical Trainers College in Riyadh (TTC) offers a three year Bachelor degree in 4 concentration areas: Mechanical Technology, Electronics and Electrical Technology, Information and Communications Technology and Business Administration and Management. The program offers a new approach to the training of vocational educators combining training in the technical discipline with vocational pedagogy.

Each one of the concentration areas offers further specializations to our students. As of the summer of 2014 such specializations are:

    •    Mechanical Technology (MT)
          ◦    Production Technology
          ◦    Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
          ◦    Automotive Technology

    •    Electronics and Electrical Technology (EET)
          ◦    Electrical Power
          ◦    Electronics

    •    Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
          ◦    Network and System Administration
          ◦    Application Development

    •    Business Administration and Management (BAM)
          ◦    Logistics
          ◦    Marketing & Sales Management
          ◦    Human Resource Management
          ◦    Finance & Accounting

Courses Timetable For Current Programme:

 - Course Timetable - Application Development

 - Course Timetable - Automotive Technology

 - Course Timetable - Business Administration and Management

 - Course Timetable - Electrical Machines

 - Course Timetable - Electrical Power

 - Course Timetable - Electronics

 - Course Timetable - Network and System Administration

 - Course Timetable - Production Technology

 - Course Timetable - Refrigeration and Air Condition

Courses Timetable For Applied Engineering Programme:


 - Course Timetable -Automotive Technology Applied Engineering Programme

 - Course Timetable - Electrical Power Applied Engineering Programme

 - Course Timetable - Electronic and Control Applied Engineering Programme


 - Course Timetable - Production Technology  Applied Engineering Programmme

 - Course Timetable - Mechatronics Applied Engineering Programme



After the successful competition of their studies our graduates receive a Bachelor in Engineering Technology (BET) that is accredited to European standards by the Zentral Evaluations und Akreditierungs Agentur, ZEvA, in Germany. Which allows students to enroll in graduate programs in many countries of Europe.