Training program and specializations

TTC - The perfect combination of practical training and theory

TTC offers excellent technical education and provides its students with state-of-the-art facilities. In addition to thorough training in their respective technical field, students are exposed to courses in vocational pedagogy which prepare them for a career as vocational trainer. Furthermore, TTC offers a uniquely integrated teaching approach which overcomes classical divisions of theory and practice. In the frame of an action-oriented approach, knowledge is applied in problem-solving environments, often on the basis of specific projects and in a number of workshops. Further supplementation then occurs by field practice phases. This model ensures a comprehensive learning experience which is unique in Saudi Arabia and in future underlines TTC's leading position in the Kingdom. Successful students will be awarded an internationally accredited degree in Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BET), following the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) system. Since May 2012 TTC has been accredited according to European standards by the Central and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA), Hanover, Germany.

Students acquire practical experiences through compulsory internships and training in Applied Vocational Pedagogy. As English is the main language of instruction during the entire Bachelor program, intensive instruction in English forms an important part of the students' education. The six semester training program combines modern knowledge in vocational pedagogy with a thorough training in a chosen technical specialization.

While 60% of the program is dedicated to the technical discipline, 40% of the program is dedicated to lectures and seminars in Vocational Pedagogy, trial run lessons, pedagogical field practice etc. Within this part of the training program, the trainees find identification with their role as a vocational trainer and pedagogical expert experiencing real work and business processes, reflection learning and development of professional competence.

Internships - Company Field Practice - in companies during the semester breaks and practical experience in teaching at institutions of vocational training link theory and practice in the vocational discipline as well as in vocational pedagogy. The bachelor project as the finalization of the training cycle is based on these qualifications acquired during the previous five semesters. There is a sound split between theoretical and practical training in both Vocational Pedagogy and the Technical Discipline.

TTC's aim

Graduates are educated to teach a new generation of trainees in the field of engineering technology and business administration. In addition to broad general training in the field of engineering and business administration, trainees will acquire extensive knowledge in their respective field of specialization.
TTC offers eleven study programs in four specializations: