General, Technical and Pedagogical English

TTC strives to become one of the leading vocational training institutions of the Kingdom, providing students with top quality education and skills that will help them perform better when they become professionals in their respective fields.

In today’s world, an appropriate mastery of English is necessary to be fully engaged in the professional world. At TTC we have decided to make English our language of instruction and therefore place great emphasis on helping our students improve their ability to read, write, listen and speak in this language.

The purpose of English at TTC
English is the only language of instruction at the Technical Trainers College and, although it is expected that our students will improve their English language skills throughout their time at TTC, a solid foundation in written and spoken English is an absolute precondition for admission at TTC.

English is an extremely important part of the program and our students receive intensive lessons throughout the duration of their studies.

The high quality of English classes is ensured by small groups and experienced international staff.

Download our Online EFL Resources Booklet:

Online EFL Resources Booklet

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