Company Field Practice

Company Field Practice (CFP)
Company Field Practice (CFP) is an important part of the curriculum of our three year Bachelor Degree. Throughout their time at TTC, our students have to conduct two six week internships in order to gain work experience and to develop their skills. This is the result of our college's dual approach in educating vocational teachers. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, in the CFP as well as in TTC's excellent workshops, guarantees highly qualified graduates. This approach allows graduates to adapt their teaching methods to generate the best outcome for their future students.

The Company Field Practice team accompanies the students during the CFP phase. We support them in the application process, monitor the students during their internships and assess their performances. Furthermore, we help the students to develop their soft skills and enable them to present themselves successfully in the labour market.

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 Mohammed Al-Omran

Mohamed al-Omran                                                                     

Head of Department




Almotazbellah bin Salem

Student Service Manager




Zaid Bin Nasser Al-Zaid                                                                

Assistant of the Head of Department                                    

Some of the companies which offer our trainees Company Field Practice are:

Company Field Practice
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