TTC: A project by Lincoln College International

Dear Students,

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

Under the direction and authority of Colleges of Excellence, the operation of the Technical Trainers College (TTC) is now carried out by Lincoln College International.

The Lincoln College Group consists of Lincoln College, Gainsborough College and Newark College in the United Kingdom. The College also operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and China.


The Gibney Building, Lincoln College built in 1885 as the School of Science and Art

The Deans Building Lincoln College

Lincoln College International operates the highly successful Qatif Female College as part of the Colleges of Excellence programme in KSA.


The Bachelor Degree programmes at the TTC will continue to operate as usual over three Trimesters.

I look forward to welcoming all students and staff back to the College for the start of the new Trimester in September.


Scott Upton

General Manager

Lincoln College International