Library Bulletin Issue No.002

Library Bulletin Issue No.002

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يسر كلية المدربين التقنيين

أن تعلن عن فتح باب القبول الإلكتروني للفصل الثلثلي الثالث

لعام 1436 - 1437 هـ

 المواعيد - التخصصات - شروط القبول

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Electronics and Electrical Technology

Electronic products and devices, electrical machines and power distribution systems play a vital role in both our private and professional life. Electronic devices and technologies are evolving rapidly, becoming more complex and influencing industrial manufacturing processes. Communication technologies based on digital technology help us to increase the efficiency of workflows, fully-automated manufacturing systems which are the fundaments of a competitive industry.

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Information and Communication Technology

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has shown significant growth within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the last few years. The government has acknowledged the importance of the ICT sector. Subsequently, ICT development has become a centerpiece of national economic policies.

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Mechanical Technology

Both Production Technology (PT) and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) have shown significant advances in recent years. In particular, the application of new materials, electronic and computer aided control of mechanical manufacturing and process technology (CAD/CNC/CAM) have improved to cope with global technological developments. These improvements are a prerequisite to enhance the competitiveness of Saudi Arabia´s economy...

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Vocational Pedagogy

All over the world education plays an increasingly important role for the success of economic programs. In the context of a quickly growing population, it is of utmost importance for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date technical education for its citizens. This is why the Technical Trainers College is educating young Saudis to become successful technical trainers. Vocational Pedagogy plays a crucial role in this context.

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Library Bulletin Issue No.002

The newly launched Library Bulletin Issue No.002...
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